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  1. SPPA-T2000
  2. Engineering
  3. K-T2N-EAS - Description

SPPA-T2000 Basic Course for Automation System AS 620 B (K-T2N-EAS)

Short Description

  • The participant will learn the principle of operation of SPPA-T2000 and the design, generation and loading of basic applications of the AS 620 B. The participant will practice to use the standard documentation to solve the exercise tasks. Additionally the course will pass on the special knowledge and abilities required for initial commissioning and error diagnosis on the AS 620 B.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language en

Target Group

  • SPPA-T2000 process control system users engaged in AS 620 B automation system engineering.


  • System summary SPPA-T2000
  • Basic knowledge and engineering of the AS 620 B
  • Engineering of function diagrams with tec4function-Editor
  • Generation and transfer of tec4function diagrams to the target system ES 680
  • Engineering system ES 680:
    • FUP - Editor to design HW-diagrams (topology and disposition)
    • Code generation of diagrams
    • Code-transfer (via ES-S7-server) to the AS 620 (offline und online)
    • Dynamisation of diagrams, fast parameter change
  • Configuration of typical applications:
    • Motor, actuator and control drive
    • Analogue and binary sensor processing
  • Practical exercises on configuring tool including verification of generated code on an AS 620 B


  • Experience in the handling of automation structures and typical identification systems for power plants


  • Max. number of participants: max. 10
  • Language: English or German
  • Course duration: 5 days
  • Course location: Karlsruhe or on-site