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  1. Omnivise T3000
  2. Engineering
  3. OT3KENG_RF - Description

Omnivise T3000 Engineering Refresher course (OT3KENG_RF)

Short Description

  • The participant will review the principles of Omnivise T3000 Engineering and operation of the Omnivise T3000. Each student will implement a function diagram and plant display to mimic that of a power plant turbine. Additionally, an emphasis on more advanced control system maintenance required of a control system administrator using the tools in Project View.


  • Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:
    • Create an S7 runtime container
    • Implement control system changes required of control system admins
    • Utilize project view to determine the health of the system
    • Utilize spreadsheet engineering to locate specific items in the control system and make changes as required
    • Create macros and compound components for repeated use and understand the difference between them
    • Modify Alarm types and add or change sounds associated with alarms
    • Create versions and use conversions to determine changes to the control system
    • Use project sttings to customize the control system
    • Use project view to build point groups and triggered reports to receive timely data
    • Modify the Omnivise T3000 workbench through indicators and Key Performance Indicators
    • Create overview diagrams to show the relationship between plant displays and function diagrams
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days Class Length is 3 days.
Language en

Target Group

  • Electrical engineer, electronics technician or competent individual with an electronics background and knowledge of PC operations using MS Windows®. Prior experience with a distributed control system is desirable.


  • Review and in-depth training for Project view, diagram editor and transaction analysis.
  • Spreadsheet Engineering, including exercises to ensure understanding of the use of each version of spreadsheet engineering
  • Engineering:
    • Function diagrams
    • Plant displays, including small plant displays
    • Overview diagrams
    • Macros
    • Compound Components
    • Dynamic Lines
  • Alarms:
    • Create
    • Import and add sounds
    • Assign alarm types
    • Add to indicators on the workbench
  • Move and/or change diagrams using Copy and Modify
  • Project Documentation with exercises.
  • Versioning
  • Triggered Reports and Point Groups


  • Prior completion of Omnivise T3000 Engineering is recommended or minimum one year working with Omnivise T3000 in engineering environment.


    • Version 9 "training" to be released end of 2023.

External Fee

Porce 'per seat' (classroom at Orlando, FL training facility) $3700 USD.