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  1. Omnivise T3000
  2. Engineering
  3. OT3KADVENG - Description

Omnivise T3000 Advanced Engineering (OT3KADVENG)

Short Description

  • The participant will review the principles of Omnivise T3000 Engineering and operation of the Omnivise T3000. Each student will implement a function diagram and plant display to mimic that of a power plant turbine. Additionally, an emphasis on more advanced control system maintenance required of a control system administrator using the tools in Project View.


  • • Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:
  • • Create an S7 runtime container
  • • Implement control system changes required of control system admins
  • • Utilize project view to determine the health of the system
  • • Utilize spreadsheet engineering to locate specific items in the control system and make changes as required
  • • Create macros and compound components for repeated use and understand the difference between them
  • • Modify Alarm types and add or change sounds associated with alarms
  • • Create versions and use versions to determine changes to the control system
  • • Use project settings to customize the control system
  • • Use project view to build point groups and triggered reports to receive timely data
  • • Modify the Omnivise T3000 workbench through indicators and Key Performance Indicators
  • • Create overview diagrams to show the relationship between plant displays and function diagrams
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days 3 days Course Length is 3 days. (3 days remote).
Language en

Target Group

  • • Electrical engineer, electronics technician or competent individual with an electronics background and knowledge of PC operations using MS Windows®. Prior experience with a distributed control system is desirable.


  • Review and in-depth training for Project view, diagram editor and transaction analysis.
  • Spreadsheet Engineering, including exercises to ensure understanding of the use of each version of spreadsheet engineering
  • Engineering:
  • • Function diagrams
  • • Plant displays, including small plant displays
  • • Overview diagrams
  • • Macros
  • • Compound Components
  • • Dynamic Lines
  • Alarms:
  • • Create
  • • Import and add sounds
  • • Assign alarm types
  • • Add to indicators on the workbench
  • • Move and/or change diagrams using Copy and Modify
  • • Project Documentation with exercises.
  • • Versioning
  • • Triggered Reports and Point Groups


  • Prior completion of Omnivise T3000 Engineering is recommended or minimum one year working with Omnivise T3000 in engineering environment.


  • • This course is offered at Orlando, FL training facility. Upon request, this course can be offered at customer's facility or remote.

External Fee

Price 'per seat' (classroom at Orlando, FL training facility) $3700 USD.